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Myopia control is about protecting eye health and quality of life.

myopia control

Myopia is the term for a vision condition that requires glasses to see clearly at far distances. There are genetic, medical, and environmental factors that influence myopia growth in young children.

As a child grows, their eyes grow with them at a slow rate. Children with myopia are at risk of their eyes growing faster than desired. When the eyes grow too quickly, there is an increase in not just the glasses prescription, but also their risk of developing future ocular diseases and vision-threatening conditions, such as:

  • Retinal detachments

  • Macular disease

  • Glaucoma

  • Early cataracts

Optometrists worldwide, including our doctors at Northern Sight Optometry, are on a mission to slow down myopia growth as much as possible to lower children’s risk of developing ocular diseases.

Risk factors for myopia


More likely to develop if one or both parents have myopia.


Certain sulpha or antipsychotic drugs can induce myopia.


Long hours spent on devices or reading, and holding objects close to face.


Such as premature birth, and neurological or behavioural conditions.


Limited exposure to sunlight and less time spent outdoors.


Chronic feelings of anxiety, stress or tension, and lack of sleep.

Myopia control includes a variety of well-researched treatment options to slow down progression and promote a steady rate of growth throughout one's childhood and young adult years. 

At Northern Sight Optometry, our doctors offer traditional and behavioural approaches to myopia control:

Special glasses or contact lenses

Lens options include bifocals, anti-fatigue, MiyoSmart, Stellest, and multifocal soft contact lenses.

Orthokeratology lenses

Hard contact lenses worn overnight while sleeping.

Vision therapy

A program to strengthen the eye's focusing system and reduce visual stress.

Wide-field retinal imaging

Annual retinal photos to monitor for risk of sight-threatening conditions caused by high myopia.

myopia control

Find out if your child is at risk of myopia growth.

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