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Emergencies can put our eyes at risk for permanent damage.

eye emergency

Please call or visit our office immediately during opening hours for any eye emergency.  If our office is closed, please visit the nearest hospital emergency department to seek immediate medical assistance.


Signs of an eye emergency that require immediate attention:

  • Chemical exposure to eyes

  • Wood/metal debris within eyes

  • Sudden vision loss

  • Sudden double vision

  • Unable to move eye in certain direction

  • Severe eye pain or burning sensation

  • Headache or nausea with eye pain

  • Bleeding, discharge, or bruised eye 

  • Unequal pupil size

Please avoid treating your own eye emergency.
Call our office immediately and speak to our staff who will guide you in the proper direction for care.

Have any questions before coming in?

Visit our FAQ page to know what to expect at Northern Sight Optometry.

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