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Your eyes allow you to experience the world.

adult exams

Seeing is the most important sense we have, so we ensure that each and every one of our patients get the attention their eyes deserve. Just like any other area of the body, your eyes should be examined on a regular basis to monitor health and maximize visual potential. At Northern Sight Optometry, we provide a thorough eye examination that includes:

  • A review of past and present medical history, family history, and lifestyle factors

  • A customized lens prescription to fit your needs

  • Measuring eye pressure and corneal curvature

  • A look into the eye muscles and eye focusing system

  • An extensive health assessment to identify risks for damaging eye diseases

  • A review of your retinal imaging that shows everything we can see inside the eyes

Towards the end of the exam, our doctors ensure that you have a full understanding of your vision, ocular health, and what prescriptions or products are best fit for your visual needs.

Many visual impairments develop without symptoms, and certain ocular diseases can cause permanent damage to our vision if left untreated. Our comprehensive eye exams include high-resolution images to screen for early signs of disease and to monitor for changes over time.


Our doctors can diagnose and treat ocular diseases with the technology in our office, including:


This camera provides a high-resolution image of the fundus or the inside of the eye. These images detect the health of our retina, optic nerve, and blood vessels.



This machine provides a high-resolution scan of the layers within the cornea, retina, or optic nerve to identify abnormalities and diseases inside the eye.



A high-resolution image that maps the surface of the cornea on the outside of the eye. These images detect risks for corneal diseases such as keratoconus.



We use virtual reality technology to measure blind spots within one’s vision for early detection of glaucoma, and for driving or occupational vision requirement forms.

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