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We're here to prepare you for your visit.

What do I bring to my appointment?

Being prepared for your appointment allows for a smooth check-in process and a more relaxed, comfortable experience during your visit. Our staff will make sure to review the checklist with you via phone or email prior to your appointment. We also have an online medical history form that you can fill out within the comforts of your home through our patient portal. If you do not have access to the form online, we ask that you come five minutes early to fill out the paper form in the office. Please bring the following items to your appointment: - Primary and secondary insurance plan information - A non-expired OHIP health card - A list of all medications and allergies - Any current glasses or box of contact lenses being worn - Our staff will inform those who likely need dilation eye drops to bring sunglasses and a family member to drive. No need to bring snacks and drinks from home as we provide those complimentary from our coffee/drinks station!

Is there a mask policy?

We currently do not have a mask policy in place. Our team does not discriminate or judge your decision on mask wear. We offer early morning appointments for those who prefer a fully-masked environment due to health concerns. Please contact our office for more information before booking your appointment.

What should I expect during the exam?

Our doctors perform a thorough, comprehensive eye exam on all patients. We ensure the visual system and ocular health is properly assessed, which means you can expect the exam to take about 30-40 minutes. Don’t worry; you still have an unlimited amount of time to browse and select our unique collection of frames and enjoy a refreshing beverage before or after your appointment. When you come to Northern Sight Optometry, there are a few things you can expect during your eye exam: 1. A pre-test screening routine before seeing the doctor. This includes reviewing your general health information, measuring any current glasses prescription, taking eye pressure, and retinal imaging. 2. The doctor will review this information and bring you into the exam room to test: - Visual acuity (reading the letter chart) - Eye muscle movements and pupil reactions - Colour vision and depth perception - Peripheral vision - Refractive error (measuring glasses prescription) - Eye focusing system - Ocular health check from the outside to inside of the eyes (using a microscope, lenses, and flashlights) 3. The doctor will review all test results with you and discuss treatment recommendations for any visual concerns found. We provide enough time towards the end of the exam for patients to ask questions and understand their visual conditions. Any treatment recommendations will be communicated by the doctor to our team members. This way, our team is ready to assist you with anything you need when you check out at the reception desk.

Will I get the "air puff" test?

No! Our office has invested in equipment that allows us to measure the eye pressure without the air puff. No more blinking and jumping!

Will my eyes be dilated?

Northern Sight Optometry has imaging technology allowing us to assess ocular health adequately without dilation drops in most patients. There are certain situations when dilation eye drops support the examination. Our doctors will use them for the following situations: - Senior patients 65-years and older - Medical eye exams for conditions such as diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal disease - Any suspicious eye conditions or disease detected during the exam - Patients with very small pupils that do not respond well to retinal imaging Our team will inform those who likely need dilation eye drops to bring sunglasses and a family member to drive them.

Do you directly bill to my insurance plan?

Northern Sight Optometry is registered for direct billing with most major insurance plans. If direct billing is not an option, we provide a receipt with all the information needed to submit your claim. We offer direct billing to the following companies: - All companies partnered with Telus Health eClaims (Manulife, Canada Life, Claim Secure, Desjardins, etc.) - All companies partnered with Provider Connect (Green Shield, Empire Life, etc.) - Sun Life - Medavie Blue Cross Some insurance companies do not provide pre-determination of benefits and do not allow voiding claims once submitted. Therefore, patients are responsible for checking insurance coverage amount and eligibility for direct billing before booking an appointment. This makes the check-out process smooth and effortless.

Do I have OHIP coverage for the exam?

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan provides basic coverage for eye exams and follow-up care for particular patients. We accept OHIP insured exams with a valid, non-expired OHIP health card. The following patients have OHIP coverage for the eye exam: - Children 0-19 years old: One full exam annually and follow-up appointments. - Seniors 65+ years old: One full exam every 12-18 months and a limit to two follow-up appointments. - Adults 20-64 years old: One full exam annually and a limit to two follow-up appointments for specific medical conditions (with proof of diagnosis from family physician or ophthalmologist), including: Diabetes mellitus, Glaucoma, Visually significant cataracts, Acute retinal or corneal disease, Acute strabismus, Acute optic nerve disease, and more. OHIP does not provide coverage for imaging, technology, glasses, contact lenses, or third-party requested exams. Our doctors strongly believe that imaging and technology is most crucial for seniors and patients with medical conditions, therefore we offer imaging services as a separate fee that can be directly billed to your private insurance plan.

Can I select frames and lenses the same day as my exam?

Yes. We want to give you the attention you deserve when selecting your frames and lenses, therefore, our team will be ready for you in the optical after your eye exam. We also welcome patients to walk-in and browse our frame selections. Our frame stylist will be happy to help you once they have completed their scheduled session with the previous patient.

Why is your exam fee higher than some other places?

When you come to our office, we want you to experience the one-on-one attention we provide with the highest quality of care. The doctors at Northern Sight Optometry have carefully selected every piece of technology, equipment, and product to ensure the absolute best care for vision and ocular health in our community. We are happy to share why our exam fees are priced in a particular way: 1. We spend at least 30 to 40 minutes with each patient in the exam room. Our doctors walk you through each test, share the results, and sit face-to-face with you to answer all of your questions. 2. We invest in high-quality technology to make the exam experience more comfortable. No “air-puff” test when checking eye pressure. Our wide-field retinal camera will spare most patients from the dilation eye drops. 3. Our doctors offer specialty services that require continuing education in addition to the standard requirements of an optometry license. 4. We do not believe in paying our staff less than what they deserve. Our team members are paid appropriately for their exceptional skills and talents within their office roles. 5. We’ve added perks in our office that elevate your experience from our complimentary coffee/drinks station to our Instagram wall where we feature our patients with their new frame selections. These perks build our connections with you, and our community.

What is the "no show" and appointment cancellation policy?

At Northern Sight Optometry, we appreciate mutual respect towards the time of our patients and doctors. Patients arriving late to their appointments can severely delay the following appointments for the rest of the day. Therefore, patients arriving more than 10 minutes late to their appointment will be contacted to reschedule for another day. We kindly ask that you contact our office at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule an upcoming appointment, otherwise, you will be subject to a cancellation charge.

What is the refund policy on product purchases?

Our product purchases include frames, lenses, contact lenses, and dry eye products. Unfortunately we do not offer a refund on any product, however, we offer exchanges or gift credit in the event you are dissatisfied with a product. Details of the exhange or gift credit will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Have any other questions?

Connect with our team who will be happy to answer!

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